If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with your tile, trust us – you aren’t the only one. These surfaces are infamously difficult to care for. Even when they’re regularly cleaned, they tend to lock in stains and buildup. Our team provides the professional remedy your surfaces need to reclaim their shine.

The Cure for Dirty Surfaces

A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors offers a professional resolution for your tile and grout cleaning needs. With advanced techniques and top-grade technology, we have the power to transform virtually any surface into a beautiful one. We work with:

  • Bathroom tile
  • Tile flooring
  • Countertops

Here’s the issue. Most tile and grout has a slightly porous surface, making it a canvas for dirt, dust, and even bacteria to accumulate. A quick sweep with a mop won’t remove the buildup: It needs a solution that can penetrate the surface, break down accumulation, and restore the shine to your space.

An Investment for Tiled Surfaces

That’s where our team can make a difference. Our technology is specially formulated to address everything from mold to dirt, so you can get tile and grout that looks like it was installed days ago. The service includes:

  • Site preparation
    We ready the surface by clearing the work area, conducting an initial assessment, and giving it an initial rinse.
  • Deep cleaning
    Our team uses vacuum power, rotary cleaners, and a pressurized wash to pull out dirt, remove stains, and restore the shine to your tile and grout. All of our cleaners are specially formulated to work at these specific surfaces.
  • Clear Sealant & Color Sealing
    Most customers opt to add a sealing service to their solution. Clear Seal locks the good things – think brightness, color, and cleanliness – in and keeps the nasty elements out. Color Seal on the other hand does the same thing, but gives you the option to change the actual color of your grout lines.

With expertise from A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors your tile and grout will be more than a part of your room… It will be a highlight!

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