Your Carpet Is The Foundation of Your Business

Our specialists are committed to ensuring that our customers have the expertise to start each day on the right foot. A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors brings more than two decades of impactful carpet cleaning experience to you, and we’re proud to make your flooring a positive asset to your interior.

A+ Carpet Cleaning- A New Level of Clean
A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors is ready to bring a new level of clean to your business with:
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Full-time carpet cleaning experts on staff
  • An inventory of cutting-edge technology

Hot-Water Extraction Method

Our carpet cleaning service integrates cutting-edge techniques to bring the best result to your flooring. This hot-water extraction method includes:
  • Preliminary Inspection
    We carefully review the area to identify stains, extra-soiled areas, or other details that will impact our service
  • Carpet Injection
    We inject your carpeting with a combination of hot water and quality detergents, which work into the fibers
  • Dirt Removal
    Our carpet cleaning system dislodges buildup, lifts stains, and restores your carpeting to a like-new state
  • Quick Drying
    We use a truck-mounted vacuum system that extracts 95% of the moisture from your carpet onsite, making the dry time radically shorter and guaranteed detergent-free.

With our ‘Green Clean’ option, you can receive a service that uses non-toxic carpet cleaning detergents. This protects your employees and clients from exposure to chemicals that might compromise air quality and human health.

Get your EPA-recommended annual carpet cleaning service from A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors to eliminate allergens, enhance interior curb appeal, and set the stage for a clean, professional space.

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