When graffiti brings your property down, A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors is here to elevate it. Our on-call graffiti removal solutions are Durham’s response to vandalism. Your property shouldn’t be impacted by negativity – and our specialists are here to protect you.

Expert Service When You Need It

We empathize with customers who show up to their property one morning to find that it’s been tagged. Vandalism doesn’t work on your schedule, and the result often feels violating and more than a little bit inconvenient.

Our job is to restore your property through a seamless, efficient service. Graffiti is a stressor – but its solution shouldn’t be. We provide:
  • On-Demand Services
    If you see graffiti on your property, give us a call at 919-383-7166. We’ll fast-track your service to help your property return to its original state.
  • Complete Removal
    Our hot water pressure washing system, combined with a special set of cleaners, are designed to remove spray paint and other substances from most materials.
  • Restorative Solutions
    Some graffiti removal services remove graffiti at the expense of your overall property quality. We always carefully restore the area to protect the original surface. No scratching, fading, or discoloration is in the mix.

Setting the Stage for A Clean Property

Timely graffiti removal action isn’t just good for your property’s image. It also sets a precedent that you take your home or business seriously, and studies have indicated that quick removal drastically reduces the risk of a repeat offense.

We Provide Removal Service For Most Surfaces, Including:
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Storefronts
  • Building exteriors
When graffiti strikes, A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors is here to bring you back to square one.

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