Furniture Is An Investment

Your furniture should inspire comfort and appeal, not the opposite. A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors  provides customers with upholstery cleaning solutions that lock in the ‘like new’ for your upholstery.

We help you protect your furniture with professional solutions that remove stains, lock in top quality, and help your upholstery be a positive part of your home for years into the future. We provide:

  • Convenient, in-house cleaning solutions

  • Stain removal for a breadth of fabrics
  • Lasting quality

Professional Service and Care

Every A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors technician has received extensive training and is fully licensed and insured to bring the highest level of professional care to your interior fabrics. Our service includes:

Every fabric is different – and some stains require specialized care. We pre-inspect the workspace to create a custom work plan for you.
We cover the floor with a protective sheet, move furniture, and carefully arrange your room to keep your space safe.
We cover the upholstery with a pre-treatment solution that breaks down buildup
Our team uses specialized equipment and biodegradable cleaners to steam clean the affected area. This ends with a rinse and dry treatment.
After the cleaning process, our team can apply a protective layer that prevents stains and soils from impacting your furniture down the road.
We carefully review the area to make sure that stains and soil spots are completely eliminated from the area.

We’re just a little bit obsessed with the details – and we’re proud of it. When you get upholstery cleaning solutions from A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors, you aren’t just getting service. You’re getting a ‘like new’ result for your furniture and fabrics!

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