Dumpster pads get a bad rap. And while they are the space that holds your property’s waste, they can also be a clean, sanitary, and inviting asset to your business. A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors brings professional dumpster pad cleaning services that make every part of your property an advantage.

Making Every Corner of Your Property Clean & Safe

Our team specializes in services that strip your dumpster pad of buildup, bacteria, and odors. We’ve carefully constructed our service to provide a deep clean to this high-traffic area, and the process includes:

  • Hot Water Pressure Washing
    Our truck-mounted equipment cleans your surface with hot water to kill bacteria while it washes. For surfaces with heavy buildup, this professional solution is the only way to truly affect change.
  • Complete Buildup Removal
    Your dumpster pad comes into contact with a lot of contaminants. We move into each project with the mindset that there isn’t such a thing as “too dirty to clean” – we’re up for any challenge!
  • Odor Reduction
    After rigorously cleaning your dumpster pad, we’ll apply a treatment that reduces odors and locks them out in the future. It’s the most effective means of maintaining the positive impact from our service.

Protecting Your Professional Image

Most of our customers initiate a regular cleaning schedule to ensure that their dumpsters maintain their cleanliness. We recommend this route for continuous:
  • Sanitation
    Dumpster pad cleaning is the healthy choice for your problem. We kill bacteria, remove existing buildup, and help your property maintain its condition.
  • Professional Appeal
    An eyesore and bad odors have a way of killing a first impression. We ensure that your dumpster pad supports your property, and never devalues it.
  • Environmental Health
    If buildup is allowed to fester, it can seep onto your hardscapes and into your groundwater. Our team helps your property remain free of buildup that could bring it down.
Enjoy the value of a professional dumpster pad cleaning service for your property, and bring the best to your Durham business!

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