A clean roof and a quality property go hand-in-hand. A+ Carpet Cleaning & Pro Wash Exteriors delivers the best in professional roof cleaning, so your shingles are prepared to thrive in our North Carolina climate.

Complete Roof Restoration

Black stains? You’ve seen them – and we solve them! This blemish is caused by a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. It’s common in Durham and the greater south, where it’s known for eating away at your roofing as it grows. Studies show that these stains can reduce the lifespan of your roof by up to 30%. Moss and lichen can also be found on roofs in our area. These organic growths can be even more damaging to your roof. Each of the two have a root structure which can lift or break shingles causing water to enter your attic space causing further damage to your home.

We Apply Roof Cleaning Solutions For Customers Who Want:
Our solution combats shingle decay, locks in quality, and projects the finest curb appeal in your community.
  • Long-lasting quality (and a longer lasting roof!)
  • Maximized energy efficiency from your roof
  • Solid curb appeal
With more than 15 years of experience, our family-owned operation brings local knowledge and industry-leading innovation to bring a better future to your roof.

Soft Washing for Your Shingles

You’ve probably heard of ‘power washing’ – but it’s a term that doesn’t belong in the same sentence as ‘roof cleaning.’ This high pressure cleaning method is known for causing water damage, shingle deterioration, and other costly issues. It also just isn’t that effective in getting your roof cleaning.

Our alternative is soft washing. This low pressure cleaning method uses state-of-the-art equipment and earth-friendly cleaners to completely restore your roofing. We offer:
  • PWNA-certified service
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 2-year warranty on all roof cleanings

The moment our uniformed professionals arrive onsite, a better future is in the cards for your roof. Enjoy quality that lasts – and stretches the lifetime of your roof by years!

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